Mallacoota Abalone Pearl Aquaculture was borne in the turbulent sea off Gabo Island on the Wilderness Coast of Victoria. In these wild, pristine waters, our hand selected black lip abalone are cultivated to produce the ocean's most precious of gems.

    MAPA was founded by Mary and Gerry Menke. As a life-long abalone diver, Gerry began this endeavor with a passion to invent and perfect a way to grow and cultivate these rare natural pearls. Together they grew MAPA from an idea to an award winning business.


    Tragically in 2014, Mary and Gerry were killed on board MH17.

    Through their sadness, Mary and Gerry's four children, Sara, Brett, Anna, and Paul, have decided to continue their parent's dream of creating beauty in the wild ocean that surrounds their home.